Notre Dame byMcKee

I am proud to be the sports photographer for Notre Dame Academy.  I make every effort to produce high-end products with quality photography while respecting the team's limited practice time.

Should you have a particular need or desire to produce special products, it is best to contact me before photo day.  If a need arises after photo day, reach out and I will do my best to meet your needs.



No schedule for spring yet

Starting with Fall Sports 2019, orders have been MAILED HOME.  Postage is included in

every order.

No more waiting for orders to come home from school or damaging them in lockers and duffle bags! 

If you didn't pre-order or need to re-order, this is the spot.  Note any deadlines to the left.

byMcKee LLC offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our work or product. That guarantee, however, requires the return of the product you are not satisfied with.  No refunds will be issued without the return of product.

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